Machu Picchu

I recently finished up all the coursework for my Master’s degree…YAY!!  all that’s left is graduation in August.  I had the incredible opportunity to travel all over the world, and I’ve got a ton of amazing photos to prove it.  Here are a few photos from one of those incredible places:  Machu Picchu!

Is it amazing, or what?!  it was quite a hike getting up there (after I spent the evening before throwing up from altitude sickness…ugh), but SO worth it.  A truly once in a lifetime experience!

This is an Alpaca.  Or a Llama? I don’t know – they’re hard to tell apart:)

That’s me!  Proof that I was TOTALLY there.

This guy was there, too. and apparently he really had to take a leak. lol.

At the base of the mountain there were locals selling tons of handmade stuff.  

More stuff that was for sale in the village!

The cutest kids in the world wearing all the stuff I picked up in Machu Picchu!!  

Michael Lehlbach - June 6, 2012 - 2:36 am

Is that Gary back in those bushes?

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