green milk.

So I woke up the other day and opened the door to the fridge to get milk out for a bowl of cereal.  I was disgusted to find that our open jug had turned GREEN.  I started worrying about who drank it yesterday, whether it was going to make them sick or not, etc.  And then I started wondering just how bad the pasteurization process had to be in order for the milk to even TURN green.

So for 3 days Mike and I stared at the green jug of milk, waiting to take it back to the store on our next trip.

Then Mike, the big brave man that he is…opened it up.  Realized it didn’t smell bad.  Noticed that there was a concentration of green along the rim of the jug.  Looked at Lawson and said:

“Lawson, did you do something to the milk?”

Lawson:  “no” (insert big wide eyes and a vigorous head shake)

Daddy:  “are you sure?”  he’s grinning by now…then he says “because if you did, it would be kind of cool”.

Lawson:  “OK, yeah, I did! I made it GREEN with food coloring!”. (insert $hit eating grin here).

So the moral of the story is, if your milk suddenly turns green, have faith in the pasteurization process that the milk people use and instead assume your 5 year old sabotaged it with food coloring.


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