Let the games begin.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…this one is no exception.  What does it say?

1.  It’s game day.  Season opener for our Gators.  As Lawson was getting dressed in the morning he shouted “Mom, do the Gators play today?”  I told him they did, and then he came out proudly wearing his Gator shirt.

2.  Game days are feast or famine around our house.  Sometimes it means lots of game day foods, other times it means you’re own your own because mom and dad are too busy watching football to fix you something.  This was definitely a case of the latter condition…so Lawson helped himself to cereal.

3.  Which he proceeded to drip every 2.5 feet through the entire dining room to the front door and across the driveway until he reached his destination.

4.  His chosen dining spot?  the drive way.  Because that way he didn’t have to stop playing.

5.  If I could serve him his dinner on the driveway every night, I would. The kid is a slob (see the evidence all around his bowl??)

6.  He’s our little lefty.  Consider this an action shot.

7.  9/10ths of our drinking cups for the kids are to-go cups.  This one is from Chuy’s (can you say Jalepeno Ranch dressing?  yum…)

It’s pretty amazing all the things you can learn from one little photo:)


Mike - September 4, 2012 - 7:23 pm

Don’t forget his favorite saying: “I’m going to eat-play-eat-play!”

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