I’m sure that can’t be right.

I distinctly remember telling her last year, as she was turning 7, that we would just call her 7 again this year – as 8 is far too old.

But here she is…she kept growing up.



She had a sleepover birthday party with 7 friends Friday night – it was quite the craft-a-palooza.  We had Ms. Arnold, the art teacher from school, come over to teach them how to paint sunsets on canvas.  Then we made polymer clay beads, then had cookie cake AND ice cream cake.  She opened her presents and everyone got a huge kick out of the THREE copies of Barbie Princess and the Popstar she received:)  Then they changed into jammies and settled down to watch her new movie (TWICE!) before I finally made them all go to bed around 11pm.

The next morning they had muffins, donuts, and fruit for breakfast.  Then we made bracelets out of the polymer clay beads, and then I got out glue and rhinestones and glitter foam stickers and markers and they decorated their party bags and several cute foam flowers.

And then all the moms showed up to take everyone home:)

We love this girl.  Very, very much <3  Happy Birthday baby!



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