Down the D|rain . . .


Living on a cul-de-sac with lots of small kids and tons of toys means that we lose things – a LOT of things – down the drain.  Rolling balls of all sorts inevitably make their way to the opening, with sprinting (sometimes screaming) children madly chasing behind them to rescue them before they plunge into the dark depths of the drain.  My favorite drain story EVER happened about 4 years ago, when we had one of our rare 3x/year rain storms.  All the kids were out splashing and playing in the rain, having a great time in the midst of the torrential downpour.  In all the fun and confusion, Piper accidentally dropped her little Barbie umbrella.  In a matter of seconds that umbrella was swept up in the crazy current running through the street, heading straight for that drain…and down it went!  Poor little Piper was screaming and crying and devastated that we couldn’t catch it in time.  (ok, if it sounds bad that it’s one of my FAVORITE memories, you must not know me well:)  it was a cheap barbie umbrella that was already broken and I was pretty darn amazed at how quickly it was sucked down the drain!  Rest assured, she got a new umbrella!).

Anyhow, the point is that the drain is a major feature of life on the cul-de-sac.  And just a few days ago we had yet another casualty – a nerf football.  And let me tell you – nothing brings all the boys out better than a chance to climb down into the drain – under the pretense of “rescuing” something!


First Mike popped off the drain lid, and then climbed in to try to grab it.  But there’s a narrow pipe in there and the ball had started rolling down the pipe, past where he could reach.




Then Lawson and Kade climbed in (with Mike and little Gerry looking on).   The boys tried to retrieve it, and even I climbed down in there to see if I could shimmy down the pipe to reach it, but alas…the ball just rolled right on down the pipe out of our reach.  In the end, the ball may have escaped – but the boys all had a thrilling 10 minute adventure down the drain trying to rescue it:)  And sometimes that’s all that matters!

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