Getting Ready for Christmas!

I know I’m way late getting these posted. If you know and love me, you totally expect this.

So anyway, first up:

Piper made a really cute wreath from the goodies they collected in the woods. In the beginning she was nervous about going into the woods, afraid we’d get lost. But after just a few short days, she’d take off for the woods all by herself! She spent hours out there, pretening to live and work in the woods. And we found lots more neat bottles and things out there too!

In other news, we got an Elf on the Shelf. We tried to avoid it, but Lawson was certainly persistent about it. he asked for two solid weeks before we finally caved. So we bought the book and Piper read it to us all. Sure enough, later that night, our elf arrived! We named him Peppermint. And then a few days later we ammended his name to Peppermint Wayne – in honor of Wayne from from Disney’s Prep and Landing:)

and lastly, we had much excitement one afternoon cutting down and old tree behind Grandpa’s building out back. Well, Mike had most of the fun (as in WORK), he did all the cutting. But after so many years of standing, it seemed like the old tree just didn’t want to give in. It was quite an event getting it down. He cut and cut, and we put a rope around it and pulled and pulled. We were just in the middle of pulling the truck around to yank it down with the truck when suddenly we heard the “craaack” of old wood giving way. Then it was over in a matter of seconds. So after at least a full hour of me holding my camera on stand-by ready to catch it falling down, the darn thing just dropped on its own when none of us were ready! Luckily no one was hurt, and neither was the car:)


Next up was Piper’s Christmas party! she was very disappointed to miss the class Christmas party since we left before school let out for vacation. So we came up with the idea of having a party of our own! She came in one morning and woke me up (i MAY have been sleeping in just a tad!) and I went to the kitchen to find that she and Granny had set up a whole party for everyone! There was a reindeer food making station, a Christmas ornament painting station, a pin-the-tail on the snowman station, and even a birthday card making station (for ME!) Even grandpa joined in, and it was lots of fun. Piper won the pin-the-tail on the snowman contest, getting pretty close to his tail. I missed the door completely! And after that we made our traditional oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…YUM!


Christmas eve we went to Uncle Dempsey and Aunt Diann’s to get the trailer ready for a good old fashioned hay ride!! We always love seeing their horses (who didn’t seem to mind lending us some of their hay!). We wrapped the trailer with lights and made a soft layer of hay to sit on.

And finally – pictures from the hay ride! Uncle Dempsey and Grandpa sat in the truck and drove us all around. We had the neighbor boys, plus Kim and Luke from next door. It was a fun (but COLD) night!  And check out how awesome Granny’s lights look!

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