New Year’s Eve 2012!

The following events MAY or MAY NOT have happened at our home on New Year’s Eve. Since I’m not sure if they’re all legal, we’ll stick with hypothetical situations here…

We had Kim and Gary, Tori and Madi plus Bryan and Carrie (plus Allie and Davis) and Carrie’s Granny at our house for New Year’s Eve! This is the second year in a row for everyone but Kim and Gary, who were in Florida last year. I cooked dinner in the my new pressure cooker (thanks, mom!) – cooked a whole 6lb chicken in 24 minutes! And then I made chicken and noodles, a “comfort food” recipe my family has always made. It’s basically a chicken and egg noodle soup served over mashed potatoes. YUMMY, starchy heaven:)After dinner we relaxed a bit, visited, and we made spritz cookies again for the second straight year with Carrie’s Granny. The coolest thing is that I used my cookie press, one that I got from my own grandmother. It’s still in it’s original box from the late 50′s, a cool old metal contraption that has the finely coiffed and well dressed women in the illustrations on the pages:)Granny approves of my old cookie press – she said it works better than the new ones – and I say I do believe her. It makes me happy to use it!

Kim brought some REALLY cool paper lanterns with her that Madi got at a birthday party earlier in the year. It was a rainy day here, and since it was sort of drizzling outside we didn’t have much hope that the lanterns would even work. So here’s the HYPOTHETICAL part of our show:)

We may have just been able to light the lanterns after all, and they MAY HAVE BEEN the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! they were huge and beautiful and just soared right up into the sky despite the rainy night. In the top right photo below, see that bright speck of light in the top of the picture? that just MAY be a paper lantern, way the heck up there! we could not believe how high they flew! They were seriously (hypothetically) awesome!


And honestly, other than that, I really haven’t taken many pictures in the past few weeks. I enjoyed just being in the moment with everything that was going on, and not worried about getting perfect pictures. Now that I have a modern era phone (out with the Blackberry, in with the Samsung Galaxy III!) I use my cell phone for snapshots quite a bit. But I haven’t gotten any off of it yet, so we’ll save those for another day!

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