The Big Day

So the big day finally came:)

The kids were entertained with all the activities, plus the antics of our new elf, Peppermint Wayne. In the week leading up to Christmas, he got into the Christmas candy and made a mess on the floor. The kids found him by following a trail of Twix bars wrappers up into the Christmas tree, where he was perched with a half eaten bar and a smudge of chocolate on his face. Another night he dumped the Lucky Charms out onto the kitchen table and made a snow angel in the cereal before perching up in the kitchen chandelier with a marshmallow still stuck to his hand. They kids even found him on the Christmas train, riding around with a half eaten chocolate chip cookie in the car behind him. Although the grown-ups pondered the mystery of how a misbehaving elf inspired good behavior in kids leading up to Christmas, the kids absolutely loved searching the house for Peppermint Wayne every morning!

The weather on Christmas day really stunk. It rained ALL DAY. the clouds parted for about an hour, during which time the kids RAN out the door to try out some of their favorite new gifts: a new Razor motorcycle from Santa for Lawson, and for Piper her new rollerblades from Granny and Grandpa. We got Piper an electric scooter also, and she was surprised and seemed to enjoy it as well (it was a great deal on-line a few months before Christmas, LOL!). Anyhow, after riding his motorcycle for a while outside, it suddenly stopped working and we all kind of thought – yep, water and electronics don’t mix. So then he was relegated to playing in the (albeit HUGE) puddles:)Piper rollerbladed as long as she could, right up until it started raining again, and then she just proceeded to rollerblade around the house the rest of the day. She played waitress and served us all drinks and snacks all afternoon and evening!

Luckily Lawson’s motorcycle started working again after we took the plugs apart and dried it all out overnight. Piper slept with her rollerblades next to her bed and came out of her bedroom rolling and stayed that way for about 2 days straight:)  It was freezing on Christmas day – the temp hovered around 35 all day – so the kids went outside in small bursts throughout the day.  Grandpa was worried about the kids playing on the street so he got out big orange cones and stood out there with them to intercept any cars not paying attention the whole time they were riding around.  It was freezing but he stayed out as long as they did!


(the pics with the kids all bundled up in winter coats are from 12/26, and the others are from 12/25):

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