Cove Kids Club


There’s a new gang in town.

They’re the P Cove Kids Club, and they’re on a mission: to build a new club house in Madison’s back yard.

What about the huge play fort/tree house in our back yard, you may ask?  Apparently it’s just not right.  (Too big?  too structurally sound?  too perfectly sized to hold all the neighborhood kids? who knows.)

So for over a week – after school and on week ends – they’ve been setting up a sidewalk sale to raise money for lumber.  It started out as a book sale and has since progressed to a full fledged multifamily yard sale.  They set the prices and make the sales all by themselves.  They hold up signs to attract customers – and in the spirit of truth in advertising – they’re very blunt:  “We want your money”:).  So far they’ve raised $107!  Now they’ve moved on to bugging all the dads about purchasing the lumber, and it’s starting to sink in that someone is going to actually have to build this thing.  *sigh*


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