Lawson’s Birthday Party

His party was last weekend but I’m finally getting around to editing them and posting a few up here!  Because the weather is completely unpredictable in the state of Texas in February, the poor kid always gets stuck with an indoor party.  (It has snowed within days of his party for the past THREE years!).  This year we held his party at a local gymnastics place and had 23 kids in attendance!  He wanted a Lego Pirate theme and it was a lot of fun (and pretty easy) to pull together.  The kids had a great time running around the gym playing games for 2 hours, the cake was good, and best of all – no clean up afterwards:)all in all, a huge success!

 IMG_9568 IMG_9539 IMG_9537

Lawson really wanted a Lego pirate cake so I thought long and hard about how to easily achieve what he wanted!  I ended up purchasing a pre-made, undecorated (white frosting) cake from HEB.  I found a container of organic cane sugar that looked JUST like sand, and picked up two cans of spray food coloring and some blue sugar crystals.  Then we added in his Pirates of the Caribbean Legos (plus a boat from a Harry Potter set, lol) and voila: instant epic battle of pirates on a ship vs. pirates digging up treasure on an island:)  We elected not to put the ship on the cake (although that was the original plan), and just put it on a tissue paper covered box and then surrounded it with shredded paper to look like ocean.  I was afraid it would take too long to get all the Legos off while all the hungry kids were sitting there waiting for cake.

IMG_9555 IMG_9562 IMG_9597

The kids enjoyed over an hour of free play time, then a few structured games.  We had kids of all ages – between 18 mos and 10 years – and they were all able to do things at their own level.  I highly recommend gymnastics parties!  Lawson had fun getting to be the game leader for red light/green light (this pic above was when they were playing the crab walk version!).

IMG_9618 IMG_9621 IMG_9623

Then it was cake time!  the party was mid afternoon so we kept it simple – water, juice, chips, and cake.  Lawson was so cute and so excited when everyone sang happy birthday to him:)  The kids all ran out to play for another 20 minutes or so, and they were so excited to play that we elected to just have him open presents at home after the party.

IMG_9631 IMG_9641

Opening presents!  He got SO many cool things he really loves, including Legos, a cool nerf gun, a bubble gun, beyblades, and so many more neat toys.  And his favorite of all – cold hard cash:)  which he proceeded to spend the next day (along with a Target gift card he received) on – you guessed it – more Legos:)  Because the weather was nice we all hung out in the cul de sac outside for a few hours that afternoon. Granny and Grandpa, plus Bryan and Carrie, and all the neighbors.  We had dinner together (thanks Carrie!) and enjoyed a really relaxing day:)


Nina Pugh - March 10, 2013 - 9:48 am

It was a great party with little stress for Granny & Mom. He had a great time. Can’t believe he is 6 already!!

Bonnie Lehlbach - March 10, 2013 - 3:24 pm

Wow! Awesome cake! Love the picture of the smoke from the candles wafting away after Lawson blew them out!

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