2nd flag football game

Although it was still overcast and gray, it was only chilly this time and not freezing:)

And we implemented a new motivational system with Lawson regarding football.  It’s called bribery.

We told him that if he scores a touchdown or pulls two flags on defense that we’d buy him a new Lego:)

This was his best game yet – he didn’t complain about playing and he seemed genuinely interested in being a part of the game.  He’s still learning though…case in point?  When we implemented the bribery system, he said “daddy, what’s a touchdown?”.  *sigh*…But he did have another good run in the game!  He was totally whiny about the mouth piece though (said it kept choking him)…all I know is, if a little mouth piece causes him so much grief, I can’t wait until he has to start wearing a cup!

Enjoy this week’s game photos!  I hope that next Saturday we have sunshine and I can come back with even better shots:)


game huddle



chest bump


football huddle IMG_0514


Nina Pugh - April 6, 2013 - 4:21 pm

Good job, Buddy!!

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