A very special trip to the library…

Last week Lawson had a note sent home in his folder that his artwork had been selected to put on display at the main street Round Rock Public Library! It was very exciting, and we were very curious as to which of his creations would be on display (the kids create a portfolio of work throughout the year and bring it all home at the end, so we don’t even know what he’s making during the year!). He was so cute, very excited, and at one point even asked if there would be news crews there (lol!), or if his art teacher would be there to see him:)We explaind that no, it would just be a place where his artwork was hanging on the wall and likely he wouldn’t see anyone he knew there (or any news crews!).

Once we arrived and found the display – we were excited that he was the only kindergartener from the school who had work on display – but very surprised to find that it was a snowman! (it is March, which means it’s like 70 degrees here in Texas, lol!)

After we found his art, the kids setteld down to the very exciting task of selecting a few books to take home. We started out with three books a piece, but thanks to some serious begging and a wicked set of puppy dog eyes, Lawson managed to up their allowance to 5 books a piece. Piper was tickled to find a poster about a book called Piper!


Anyhow, after the painful task of narrowing down the book selections, the kids made their way to the checkout counter. Piper grabbed our library card and shooed us away so they could do the self checkout all by themselves. We made our way back to the car where Piper read for about 5 minutes until she started feeling car sick (boo!). Lawson read most of the way home! He was reading from a book called “PJ Funnybunny Camps Out” and actually read 2 pages all by himself! He was really proud. All in all, it was a really awesome family evening:)


Nina Pugh - March 10, 2013 - 9:42 am

I’m so happy they like books!! Love the snowman. He is really unique!

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