CM Pen Pal Project – Introductions!

I’ve been spending time on the photography forum called Clickin Moms for several years now.  I totally credit that site with teaching me all the things I’ve learned over the past two years on my journey to become a better photographer!

Not only is there a wealth of of great photography information available, but there’s a wonderful community of women sharing their stories and experiences as well.  Recently I signed up to participate in a really cool event called the CM Pen Pal project.  Women from all over the world were paired up to share stories of their families and lives with each other.  My pen pal is Megan, and you can learn more about Megan and her family in Singapore HERE !).

This is my first post for Megan, introducing our family and telling a bit about each person!

This is my hubby Mike and me!  this photo was taken last fall  when we went out on our first date night in AGES:)


Mike and I both attended the University of Florida and we are both die hard Gator fans!  My husband’s favorite color is blue – royal Gator blue.  My hubby worked as an industrial engineer for many years before deciding to quite to become a stay home dad.  He’s been at home with the kids since our oldest was born 8 years ago!  He has infinite patience with the kids and is a seriously amazing dad.  His favorite stuff to read is college sports news and updates, and he does amazing construction and building projects around the house. This is the play fort he built in the back yard in summer 2011.  The kids still love it and play on it all the time!


I am Beckie and I’m 38.  I work for a high tech company and I work in the field of logistics and supply chain.  I obviously love photography – but I also do digital scrapbooking (like that page above).   I don’t spend as much time now scrapbooking as I used too, but I try to keep pictures posted up on my blog on a regular basis and I hope to find a way to print my blog into a book.  I work full time outside the house, so between family and work and my hobbies, I manage to stay pretty busy:)


This is our eldest , daughter Piper. She turned 8 in October and she’s in 2nd grade.  Her favorite color is teal blue, her favorite book is Encyclopedia Brown but she generally loves all kinds of books (including Judy Moody, Tinkerbell, Elska and more). Piper loves to paint and do crafts and she wants to be an art teacher and a sonic carhop who wears rollerskates when she grows up.  She constantly wears her rollerblades around the house playing waitress:)She loves playing tennis and currently takes lessons once a week and she’s totally Lego crazy.  She loves playing with Lego Friends in particular.  She is very sweet and sensitive.


This is Lawson, our youngest and he just turned 6.  He’s in kindergarten and his favorite color is blue.  He too loves Legos, and he loves Pirates of the Caribbean and Phineas and Ferb.  When he grows up he wants to be a policeman, a gold mine digger, a magician, a space shuttle and jet pilot, and a sonic carhop who wears rollerskates.  He is very busy and active and is always playing with the neighbor kids (there are 4 other boys who live on our cul-de-sac who are all right around his age!).  He is mischievous and love to pick on his sister and is always saying something funny or silly.  He also takes tennis but he tries to get out of it just about every week:)

We live in Texas, in a suburb of Austin.  we live on a cul-de-sac, and it’s amazing and awesome because it’s a great place for the kids to play.  They are outside most evenings and all weekend long – either riding bikes, driving their electric cars, or catching frogs and crawfish in the nearby creek.


This is another scrapbook page I made a few months back.  We’ve known our neighbor families for almost 10 years and it’s such an amazing place to raise kids!

Anyhow, that’s my first post – introductions – for our Pen Pal project.  Hope you enjoyed!!

grandpa - March 18, 2013 - 10:22 am

Thats my family!!

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