Meet Lovee


Here she is.  We got her over a month ago, when she was just 6 months old.  You may have seen Mike’s infamous post on facebook, perhaps? About how Piper had a gig selling girl scout cookies in front of Petco from 3-5pm one Friday?  Well, we learned two things that day:  1) No one actually goes to Petco on Friday between 3-5, making that the worst cookie booth EVER, and  2) Chez Lehlbach is a democracy and mom and the kids voted Lovee into the household in a landslide 3-1 vote.  Poor dad.


This cat is pretty awesome.  She loves the kids – really – even Lawson, who can’t seem to stop picking her up.  Or picking on her (he put a slap band around her neck the other day and laughed hysterically, even as Piper was sobbing hysterically for me to get it off).  Despite that?  She never runs away from him. She lays in bed with Lawson many nights while he goes to sleep.  And then there’s Piper, who is too afraid to to hurt Lovee to actually try to pick her up.  But most nights Lovee climbs the ladder up to Piper’s loft bed and sleeps all night on Piper’s pillow.  That cat is there from the moment we tuck Piper in at night to the moment we show up to wake her up for school in the morning.

Some nights Lovee actually comes into our room.  She’ll lay on me for a while, I’ll pet her while she purrs and “makes biscuits”…but when she’s ready to sleep? she walks up to the top of Mike’s pillow and wraps herself around his head.  Yeah, he likes her too.  Don’t let  him fool you:)


This picture reminds me of this funny thing I found on Pinterest one day.  You can also check out all the other funny things I’ve saved from Pinterest, too:)

Nina Pugh - March 16, 2013 - 9:22 am

Love Lovee, since she lives at your house, not mine!!

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