Piper is Special Person of the Week!

Piper’s teacher does something pretty cool for show and tell.  Rather than each kid having random days throughout the year when they need to bring in something for show and tell, each kid gets an entire WEEK that is all about them.  They fill out a poster that hangs on the wall, and every morning they bring in something to show to the class (about 20 minutes each morning!).  Piper has been looking forward to this all year and was so thrilled when her turn to be Special Person of the Week rolled around!


Here’s a summary of the stuff she took in to share with her class:

Monday: (I can’t remember – will update after I ask her, lol)

Tuesday:  Lego Friends house and the Lego Friends girls

Wednesday: Teddy and her blankies (the fuzzy ones she’s had since she was a baby plus one that she knitted herself).

Thursday: Video of Lovee and scrapbook photos of piper when she was younger

Friday: her artwork (paintings on canvas)



The poster has lots of neat stuff on it.  Here are some of the questions and her answers:

Favorite Things

Color: Tercoys and dady dlue and hot pink (her words, lol! it says turquoise and baby blue and hot pink.  she still gets her “b”s and “d”s mixed up!)

Animal: Loveie my kitten

Food: Chewies chikn floutas

Book: “Judy Moody” and “Tuesdays at the Castle”

Sport: tinnis

Write 3 super cool facts about yourself here:

1.  I’m good at art!

2. Grate at Legos!

3. Good at running stores!  (she plays store A LOT, lol)


and my absolute favorite part of the whole poster:


I am a star because…

she says : “I’m freindlie and allways help my drother”

and the picture is a fallen stick person, to whom she offers a bandaid.  lol!!

Nina Pugh - March 10, 2013 - 9:39 am

She is our special “Star”. quite cute.

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