Girl Scout Camp – Day 2

Day 2 was lots of fun! It was the only full day of camp, and boy they sure packed in a lot of activities!


The girls started off the morning with fishing.  It was an overcast morning, and slightly chilly, but the girls all grabbed a cane pole and a piece of hot dog and waited to catch the big one:)  One little girl did manage to catch a fish, but mostly the girls just  had fun continually pulling the line in and out to make sure the hot dog piece was still on there, ha ha!

The most exciting event of the morning was the rock wall climbing.  The girls were all so excited – except for Piper.  She intentionally got at the end of the line and then spent the entire time she was waiting worrying over her impending turn on the wall.  Right before her turn to go, she started crying and said she couldn’t do it and got out of line.  I reassured her that it was perfectly safe (if you “fall off” the wall, you just hang there suspended by a harness!), and she say 20 girls happily take their turns without injury ahead of her, but for some reason she was very worked up over it.  I finally convinced her to just give it a try, and that she could stop and jump off any time she wanted.  The rest of the girls in her troop were reassuring her and telling her it was fun and that it didn’t hurt at all.  Then she got harnessed up and gave it a try!  She practically sprinted 10 feet up the wall in a matter of seconds, but kind of dropped off and said she was done.  I think that after she got back down on the ground she realized that it was fun and safe and I think that if we had more time she would have maybe even tried it again.  But either way I was proud of her for facing her fears and at least trying it:)

Luckily it warmed up throughout the day and reached a point that the girls were willing to jump in the pool for a bit during the designated time.  It was a really awesome pool with slides and a big fun raft for the kids to jump on.  Most of them had chattering teeth and blue lips (reminded me of swimming as a kid up in PA!), but they had fun nonetheless.


All day long Piper looked forward to one of the last events of the day:  the Swaps.  You can read more about them here, but essentially they’re crafty little trinkets made by the girls to exchange with the other girls.  Most kids brought between 30-50 little trinkets to swap, but crafty little Piper had 100 prepared!  We worked hard making cute little polymer clay heart pins in the weeks leading up to the camp, and she was sooooooo excited to get to trade them out to all the girls.  She was definitely one of the last ones standing with items left to swap, and in fact had to bring home FOUR leftovers:)  I’ll come back later and show a pic of her swap and all the other cool swaps she got from all the other girls.

They finished out the day with a big campfire that included lots of fun skits and singing.  Every girl got to make a S’more, and our troop even worked up a little song to sing in front of the whole crowd.  We were super proud of them for being brave enough to get up there to perform!  Needless to say, they slept very well that second night.

The next morning we just had breakfast and packed up to head out.

All in all, she had a blast.  And I had fun experiencing it all with her:)

grandpa - April 23, 2013 - 6:20 pm

Sure sounds like my two faxorite little girls had a great time. Love Ya, grandpa

Nina Pugh - April 27, 2013 - 1:15 pm

I’m sooo proud of our Piper!!

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