My newest photography class…week 1

i have been following (ok, STALKING) the blog of photographer Molly Flanagan for a long time.

She is teaching a brand new photography class called “Visual Storytelling”, which if you’ve gotten anything out of my photography work, I hope it’s that I am desperate to tell our story through my images.  Anyhow, today I posted my first homework assignment.  The task was to think about who we are, and about what our own personal story is, and to find one image that represents our voice.

So here is my assignment:

This assignment to create one photo that represents all that we are, all that our photography is about, has had me really stressed out.

All week I kept thinking about how to create something perfect.  How to find the right time in our hectic schedule and the scenario that had the symbolism that would represent the bridge between my past and my future.  And after a week of pondering this, all I could come up with was our front door.  A portal.  An opening that bridges the warm, safe inside of our home to the big world outside.

I waited until late evening today, until the light would be just right, to take the photo.  But as I took it, and looked at it in the viewfinder, it just did nothing for me.  It just looked like a door.   I sat out there for 10 minutes wondering what to do, planning to e-mail Molly to ask for an extension so I could try something else tomorrow.

I came inside, headed upstairs to have a quick snuggle with the kids before bed.  They just had baths and were finishing up snacks while they watched an episode of Scooby Doo before bed time. I sat my camera down and hopped up on the bed and laid down next to my son.  I wrapped my arm around him and I was assailed by all these scents:  the soap he used to bathe (the Old Spice grandpa left at Christmas that my son calls “man soap”), the cherry yogurt on his breath as he laughed at the silly show, the special cream on his hands that helps with his eczema.  And then I looked at my daughter and was so relieved to see that she was finally clean after a long weekend at Girl Scout camp.   No amount of reasoning could get her in the shower while there was fun to be had elsewhere.  And her hair- so long now – smells like my lavender shampoo.

And then it struck me:  THIS is my story.  They are the bridge between my past and future.  This is where my heart is, and this is what my work is all about:  celebrating all the little every day moments in our lives.  My blog is called these little moments photography for a reason. How could I forget that?

It’s the reason I’m here, and so happy to be in this class.  How could I have actually set my camera down without realizing the wonderful things to capture about that very moment? I think I’ve gotten a little sideways in my photography journey, and think more about creating the illusion of something amazing through an image and less about seeing the 1000 amazing little things we actually experience every day.



So now I have this image that I love. And I’ll always remember that moment, those smells, that comfortable everyday love.

And just because I couldn’t  resist, here’s a photo from {almost} exactly 6 years ago today.  Same bed, same kids.  hopefully much better photography:)

Piper & Lawson 039

grandpa - April 16, 2013 - 10:03 pm

Beautiful Beckie.

Nina Pugh - April 17, 2013 - 11:59 am

Love it, that is what they will always remember–being on mom’s & dad’s bed snuggling!

Carmen Garudo - May 13, 2013 - 9:37 pm

Truly beautiful work!! You are a brilliant story teller (through pictures!!)

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