Super Bowl Champs!

Today was Lawson’s final flag football game of the season – and it wasn’t just any game…it was the SUPER BOWL.  As the top rated team – of two teams in their division – the 49ers had a Super Bowl title on the line today in their game against one of the  Cowboys teams.  We call them the tiny Cowboys since they are the smaller of the two Cowboys teams and their players all looked to be pre-K age (whereas Lawson’s team was mostly Kindergarteners).  In the regular season our team crushed the tiny Cowboys, so it wasn’t expected to be much of a game.

We got there 20 minutes before the game to find out that the tiny Cowboys had showed up at the wrong time, 2 hours early, and rather than wait around they decided to forfeit the game at noon.  Luckily there were many other tournaments going on at this location and there was another team there, in the 1st and 2nd grade age group, who was willing to play our kids.  So the game was on between the 49ers and the Cardinals.  The Super Bowl was no longer on the line, as our team won by forfeit, but it was pretty exciting to see how they would play against a team of kids older than them.

Some of the parents made a banner for the kids to run through before the game;)

Coach Chris was awesome this season, he worked really hard to teach the kids and did a great job balancing between being tough and expecting them to play well and still ensuring they had fun and all got a chance to play.  Which really only applied to Lawson, because he was really the only kid on the team who hadn’t played before and as a result his skills were a bit behind the other kids.  But Coach Chris always made sure Lawson got to play even though some of the other kids were better;)

Piper is very glad football season is over.  She was always pretty bored during the games.  Today she had her friend Samantha there and they passed the time climbing around on some nearby equipment and sitting up in the shade coloring and drawing.

Lawson played center a lot.  He actually did a really good job snapping, and they didn’t have a single fumbled snap the entire game.

Take a good close look at this next picture.  Lawson’s standing there checking out the sideline, not paying attention.  Yet the ball has already been snapped and the play is unfolding at that very moment.  Let’s hope he wasn’t supposed to actually do anything during that play;)

The game was SO GOOD.  The 49ers defense was simply amazing, and they held the older Cardinals to only 6 points – that’s one touchdown!  they even held them on the extra point attempt.

On what would be their last possession of the game, the 49ers drove all the way down the field and had the ball on the Cardinals’ 3 yard line with 3 chances to put the ball into the end zone.  As hard as they tried, they just couldn’t put it in for the score.  On the very last play, which was a broken up hand-off attempt, the quarterback threw the ball to a receiver in the end zone – and he CAUGHT IT!  After we all screamed and cheered that they had tied the game up, the referee blew his whistle and signaled no catch.  The receiver was actually out of the end zone, behind the blue line that defines the field (something the kids don’t even know about).  It was SO heart breaking to see them lose after playing so hard.  Really though, the kids weren’t bothered by the loss as they just wanted the snacks and drinks at the end.  And Coach Chris gave them their Super Bowl champ trophies and told them he was very proud of them and that they were the best team he had ever coached.  Even the parents from the other team commented on how much heart our kids had, and said that our little team was really great.  

We are really proud of Lawson for sticking with football all season.  He was the Most Improved player on the team, and he’s even interested in playing again next season!

Nina Pugh - May 19, 2013 - 9:59 am

Good job, Lawson. I’m proud he made it thru the season!!

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