Lawson’s letter to Ms. Rodgers

It’s teacher appreciation week! So of course sweet Piper came home from garden club today and sat down with a new pack of paper to write a nice letter to give to her teacher tomorrow.  Lawson thought that was a great idea and sat down to write one for Ms. Rodgers as well.  As I walked up to their desk area, Piper was helping him spell “Rodgers”.

She then waved me over and whispered “I wanted him to spell ‘dear’ on his own, that’s why it’s spelled ‘d-e-e-r’.  I just didn’t want to correct him, mommy”. clearly she didn’t want me judging her spelling abilities off his paper;)

Then I looked at Lawson, and he said:  “but I don’t know what to write”.

I told him that giving a letter was just a way of telling his teacher how much he appreciates all her hard work and it’s his chance to thank her for being such a great teacher.  I said “you can tell her anything you want.”

It was that moment that I could tell the lightbulb went off in his head.  He looked up at me and was clearly swallowing a grin, trying so hard not to smile.  He coyly said “but I don’t know what to say”.

And I told him that he could write anything.  He was quiet for a few seconds, then he looked up at me again with those big eyes, still trying not to grin, and he whispered “it starts with ‘I’”.  So I told him to go ahead and write “I”.  He said, still very shyly, “and then it’s ‘l’”…

I know exactly what he wants to say.  So I very seriously, sweetly said “Lawson, do you want to say ‘I love you’ in your letter?”.  He nodded, grinning very shyly and rubbing his mouth to hide it.  I said, “well, go ahead and sound it out buddy.”

  So he did.  And he wrote the rest of the letter all by himself.


It reads:  “Dear Ms. Rodgers   I love you. Because you are the best teacher.  You are nice I have learned a lot”

so stinkin’ cute.

As he was writing, he would carefully put his right pointer finger down on the page.  He very seriously said  “Mommy, she likes it when we space out our words”.

IMG_8375IMG_8374IMG_8379 IMG_8381

I’m not sure what he was trying to draw, but it may have been Ms. Rodgers.  At one point I heard him grumble to himself  “No, she looks chubby like that!” as he started feverishly erasing. I have no idea what the ring around the eye is; I’m pretty sure Ms Rodgers does not have a black eye, but I supposed I should give him the benefit of the doubt until I see her tomorrow to know for sure. ;)

IMG_8383 IMG_8391

He finished his page with “From Lawson to Ms Rodgers I will miss you”.

Now that’s how you do a teacher note.  Incidentally, we love Ms. Rodgers, too;)  He’s had a great year and we’re so thankful he was in her class!

Nina Pugh - May 9, 2013 - 4:28 pm

How sweet!! She will surely love that letter.

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