Marshmallow Shooters

This is a glorious time of year to live in Texas.  These are days we wish would last forever – days full of cool breezes and warm sunshine, the sounds of lawn mowers and radios and children’s laughter. The best days are those that culminate in a gathering of our friends and neighbors.  Days when we gather to spend time talking, laughing, eating, and watching the kids do what they do best:  play.   Today was just one of those days.

It’s amazing what you can do with $6 of PVC pipe, too.  Papa saw this design for a mini-marshmallow shooter and so Lawson, daddy, and Papa made quick work of throwing together 5 shooters for the kids in the neighborhood to share.   Around here, with so many kids, you can’t get away with just one or two of anything.


Everyone spent the first 10 minutes figuring out just how many marshmallows at one time made for a good shot.  One was long and accurate, but two was better.  5 was too many – inaccurate and prone to jamming.  Of course, a trip to a grown up to get your gun un-clogged meant you were likely to get shot by your own ammo, but none of the kids seemed to mind.

IMG_8193 IMG_8227

  It took many runs to the marshmallow bag to keep the tummies and the guns full.  Two for the mouth, one for the gun.  3 for the mouth, two for the gun…and so it went until they were all, thankfully,  finally full of marshmallows.  Then they shifted their attention to more effective ways to store the ammo.  Introducing the duct-tape ziploc bag, proving that necessity is the mother if invention.IMG_8196

Davis even found an ingenious way to shoot the enemy behind him:  the 180-degree gun flip. Totally cool way to implement the sneak attack.


It was marshmallow pandemonium for a good hour.  The kids had as much fun getting shot as they did shooting others, and the ammunition was delicious.

 IMG_8212 IMG_8260

Eventually the bag was gone.  There were surprisingly few marshmallows scattered around the ground given the number originally in the bag…hmmm – wonder where they all went? IMG_8318

As the marshmallows dried up, the kids went off and found other activities.  We all ended up sitting out there for four hours, just talking and visiting and having a great time together.


It was the perfect end to a beautiful weekend and we’re already looking forward to the next time we’ll get to do it all over again.

The End;)

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