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ok, so we totally bribed lazy bones Lawson with a new Lego – any one he wanted – if he managed to score a touch down or pull two flags on defense in flag football.  Don’t judge.  He’s lazy, we’re desperate for him to care and he’s motivated by stuff.

It still took him most of the season for him to manage to score the touchdown even though his team hasn’t lost a game yet and everyone on the team has scored. in the same game.

He really did seem to enjoy football  though, and he had a fun attitude about it the whole time.  So fast forward to the moment he sprints off the field at the end of the game and says “I got my touchdown!!  Can we go get my Lego now?”.  So Mike and I talked it over, and decided that another expensive Lego would just be another Lego.  But he had been asking for the new Nintendo 3DS and the Luigi’s Mansion game in particular (he loves anything spooky, scary, and haunted). So we let him get that instead.  The 3DS is pretty cool, too – you can actually see the game and play it in 3D.

Anyhow, I thought these images of him playing his new DS at bed time were pretty cute.  I love the light on his face.

IMG_7793 IMG_7789 IMG_7790 IMG_7792

Nina Pugh - May 2, 2013 - 9:18 pm

He’s just too cute!! Love him.

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