Piper’s letter to her teacher

Since she was the one who started it all, I just had to come back and post Piper’s letter to her teacher here as well;)

The kids are really loving their new desks.  They each have a place to keep their own supplies, creations and homework in progress.  We have a “clean the desk every night” policy which we hope will keep the junk from piling up on top.  The goal is to get all the craft stuff and homework out of the kitchen area.  I’ll come back and post better pictures of the desks later;)



IMG_8382 IMG_8399IMG_8400


Her letter reads:

Dear Mrs Canizales,

I like you a lot! you are a really great teacher! your classroom is so beautiful and colorful and it is just glorious and gorgeous.  School is cool and there are onl 19 days left of school!  From, Piper


(lol!! she’s really great with the adjectives, right?!)


Nina Pugh - May 10, 2013 - 11:38 am

What a sweet letter, Piper!! Your teacher will love it. So cute working at her desk!

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