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We have a neighborhood-wide yard sale two times per year.  It’s a great way to get lots of customers in for yard sales, and whether they’re shopping or selling -  it’s something that brings out many of the neighbors early in the morning. We all stumble out in our PJs and sweats, clutching our caffeine for dear life as we frantically try to be ready before the cars start streaming through.  When the kids were younger I used to be one of the early shoppers – scouting out any sale that had baby clothes or toys.  Recently things have changed.  I stopped shopping because I’m ready to get rid of all that crap.  And I’m not even patient enough to pile it up to wait for yard sale day – when I get the urge to purge, I throw it all into the back of the car and head to Good Will.

On Thursday Piper said to me “Mommy!  It’s yard sale day on Saturday! I’m so excited!” and I thought to myself, ok, fine – we can drive around for an hour and she can spend $5 on more crap we don’t need.  But it would be fun and I was totally up for it.  Then she said “no, I want to SELL STUFF!”.  Ugh.  I was absolutely not into that.  So I told her that it was her sale, that she had to find whatever she was selling and get it all priced by herself.  So for two evenings she dug through her room and the playroom pulling out things she was ready to part with.  Her brother even got in on the action, surprising us all because he’s such a pack rat.  He managed to pull out some things for the yard sale as well – apparently his love of money overrode his innate desire to hoard and accumulate his junk;)

So – at the ass-crack of dawn (6:25 to be precise), I felt a tap-tap-tapping on my wrist.  Piper was there, ready to get going and set her stuff up.  I was so not in the mood, but she was, so I grumpily dragged myself out of bed to help move the cars and get the tables set up for her.




I generally make it a point to sleep through sunrise on the weekend, but no such luck today.  We were out there before the sun peeked over the horizon.  It was kind of pretty when the early morning sun hit the house.






The kids made all kinds of little signs and price tags.  My favorite is my son’s “$1 BOGO” truck.  Since there was only one truck, I was dying to see what else someone would get if they purchased it.


IMG_8047 IMG_8048

Thankfully Gramma and Papa were here to help the kids set up.  I still just wanted to throw all that stuff into a box and head to Good Will, not to mention I’m generally not a morning person.  Thankfully they were willing to help the kids get the tables all set up and finish putting price tags on things while I just wandered around taking pictures.

IMG_8055  IMG_8069





making signs


I must admit that I wasn’t quite ready to see some of these things go.   We have so many pictures and fond memories of that pink Barbie Jeep.  I can’t believe she’s grown out of it already.  And the wagon in the background, we’ve used that thing for years to pull the kids around the neighborhood on Halloween.  Again, so many memories.

barbie jeep

I didn’t get a picture of the lady who made the first purchase (didn’t want to freak her out), but here the kids are, admiring their first $2 sale…




And then it was boring and slow for a while. I even decided to sneak back into the house to catch up on my blog reading for a bit knowing no one would miss me.  But then I saw through the door that daddy had arrived with the donuts.  mmmmmm….worth sitting through more yard sale for donuts. ;)




But then we got busy and we had so many cars coming through (thankfully there was another, bigger, yard sale across the cul-de-sac who was attracting all the customers).  And after about an hour even the kids were done with the yard sale and so we went into “everything must go – buy something get many somethings free” sales mode ;)  One little girl came by and bought a barbie doll tub, and she left with a tote bag full of goodies! Pretty soon all that was left was the stuff missing parts.  the lone farmer missing his tractor and his animals, the squinkie cupcake with no squinkies, and the bed to a missing dump truck.  Thankfully the kids agreed we could trash that stuff.


The kids did manage to generate some cash from all the toys the gathered up, but most of the money came from selling the tug boat sandbox, the big plastic pool with the slide, and of course the jeep.  I’m still sad now thinking about the Jeep being gone, but truthfully she hasn’t driven it in quite some time.  And there’s more room in the kids’ side of the garage now, too.  All in all, a successful morning.  Even though it started way too early.



Nina Pugh - May 6, 2013 - 5:23 pm

Wish I had been there. I could help get rid of stuff!! lol

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