stuck in the middle

Our Piper is a little bit stuck in the middle these days.

She’s too big to have fun playing with the little kids, and she certainly doesn’t want to play with all the boys around here (SIX of them).  But the other girls have gotten, well, big.

They spend their time texting and talking, and doing the things that bigger kids do these days.  And that means that poor little Piper is left on her own. A lot.

And I find myself saying the things I heard as a kid “go outside and play!”  or “you have a room full of toys and you have nothing to do?!”  But mostly we just invite friends over so she has someone to play with.  That’s the cool thing about living in such a great neighborhood, friends are usually just around the corner.  But on this night she was stuck with us, talking with the grownups while the boys caught frogs…(or were they playing Super Mario Brothers?)

A short while after I took these photos, Kaleigh came out.  Without her phone and without a friend.  And she spent time with Piper.  And boy, did that just make Piper’s night.  So thanks Kaleigh;)

Oh, and THIS face – above – is what I get every time she knows I’m taking her picture.  I have 15 more shots just like this one.  stinker.

nina pugh - June 8, 2013 - 12:43 pm

Our sweet Piper is not stuck—-she’s just being a girl. She is so sweet and adorable. I love the pics. Good job.

Kim - July 1, 2013 - 7:54 am

I have some pictures of Madi’s face when she doesn’t want her picture taken either. They will be kept for blackmailing purposes… Ha! Love all your pics and the stories with them, but love you most of all and miss you… The rest of the gang, too!

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