To my dad


I’m not sure where to begin, so I’ll just start with thank you, and I love you.

Thank you for being a great dad.

My favorite memories of us are at the dinner table, every night, eating and debating current events and social issues in a way that others mistakenly thought was arguing.  You taught me the value of being passionately opinionated and gave me the strength and the tools to stand up for myself and what I believe in, skills that still serve me well today as a working professional.

As a father and husband, you were an amazing role model.   You always treated mom with utmost respect and love, even when you had your arguments or disagreements.  Yes, your temper was short at times, but the respect you and mom always had for each other is what I still believe today to be the most essential foundation for a strong marriage.  You were home with us, taking us fishing or flea marketing or just out for a drive, reminding us that we were always important to you.  Somehow you learned to share compliments with us, all the time, even though your own parents weren’t the type to have done the same for you.  I remember rolling my eyes when you told me you loved me or that you thought I was pretty, but you should know that I always needed to hear it, because no child can ever hear that enough from their parents – especially a daughter from her father.

We definitely had our share of disagreements…I know now it was because you and I were always so much alike.  Opinionated, possibly a little stubborn, and fiercely committed to what we believed.  (Ok, and maybe a little messy too, mom and Mike).  But no matter what, I never – not even for one second of my life – wondered if my dad loved me, or thought I was smart, or pretty, or capable of everything.   Because I am.  And you made me believe that.

So now you’re a grandpa, too.  And an amazing grandpa.  Your grandkids love you, and know that you love them.

Thanks again dad, I love you.  Happy Father’s day!

And since this is a photo blog, this post just wouldn’t be complete without some pictures;)


Nina Pugh - June 16, 2013 - 1:35 pm

Love it, and all so true. love you!!

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