A fun day in Big Bear!

wow – so we had SO much fun this day!

We went to one of the local ski resorts, that in the summer offers a small water slide, go-karts, and a cool thing called an “alpine slide”.  So while Miles was home chilling with mommy, Rick and I took the other 3 big kids out for a day of fun activities.  The kids have seen skiing and chair lifts on TV before, but never in person, and you need to ride the chair lift up to do the slide.  They were SO excited!  The chair lift was as much fun for them as the slide!  Then we did the go karts, and after that we took them fishing!

The fishing was really fun (and funny)…when we got there, everyone was fishing out into the lake, away from the shore.  We walked up and Rick said “these guys are all fishing in the wrong place. The fish are over here.”  And he set the kids up with rods so they were fishing along the walkway of the pier back towards shore.  Not even 10 minutes later, Piper had a fish.  Rick laughed and said “see, I told ya.  we’ll have another one before any of these guys even catches one”.  And you know what?   5 minutes later Miley had a fish!  10 minutes after that, Piper had another fish.  And by then, half the people on the dock had switched over and were fishing right where we were.  Poor Lawson didn’t catch anything, but he was a really good sport about it.  And I was surprised at how patient he was.

The kids lasted fishing about an hour, and then they went to play along the shore.  It was SUCH a beautiful day, warm but with a nice breeze blowing.  It was a really nice afternoon!


In case you’re wondering why Piper has her hands over her face – she was embarrassed because everyone there on the pier was watching her and looking at her fish once she caught it!  She’s a bit shy sometimes, lol.

Nina Pugh - July 13, 2013 - 5:33 pm

Wow, that was a busy day and lots of fun!! Nice fish, Piper. The alpine ride looks like fun.

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