Peanut Butter Birdfeeders {and really messy kids}

Lisa and Rick really love all the birds they get up at the cabin, and they have several bird feeders set up just outside the big windows.  Lisa also has the kids make bird feeders – from peanut butter,cereal, birdseed, pinecones, and even old toilet paper rolls!  It was really fun watching the kids tackle their projects…Miley was more interested in eating her peanut butter and cereal than applying it to the bird feeder.  Piper was determined to fill every last little nook and cranny of her pine cone with peanut butter, and Lawson was cruising along slapping on the peanut butter and rolling them in the birdseed at breakneck speed.  In the end,  Miley had one sort-of-coated with birdseed pinecone, Piper had one 10-lb slathered in peanut butter pine cone plus a paper towel tube-turned-feeder, and Lawson had FOUR different bird feeders completed.  And they all had fun doing it!

Oh – and check out the cool benches Rick and Lisa made!  they picked up $5 snowboards at a local thrift store and screwed them into logs, making really cool benches!

Nina Pugh - July 13, 2013 - 5:26 pm

Looks like messy fun! good pics. like the black & whites.

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