First day of school!

biggest surprise of the day:  Piper was first kid out of bed.  She hopped right up and got dressed while Lawson was still refusing to wake up, insisting that it was too dark out to be getting ready for school.  WHAT?

The kids had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, brushed teeth and got shoes on, then we all headed out to walk to school!  Cat Dog followed us three houses down, then howled pitifully when we kept on walking past her comfort zone and left her behind.  She was still there waiting in those bushes when Mike and I walked back 45 minutes later!

So here they are…our first and third graders!  Piper slept in rollers last night to get her curly hair – isn’t she cute?? And one child is decidedly not excited to be going back to school…see if you can spot him:)













Nina Pugh - August 26, 2013 - 4:32 pm

Aren’t they the cutest!! Can’t believe Piper was up first!

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