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For the most part, I just haven’t felt like taking pictures this summer, especially around the house.  It’s been hotter than Hades here and everyone has been hiding indoors a bit more, as is typical of our summers.  But I have tried to open my eyes more to the little things going on around me, to really stop and appreciate the tiny evidence of these two amazing kiddos who live here, play here, sleep here, and feel loved here.  Individually, these images aren’t all that memorable.  But together they serve as a reminder of why I started this in the first place.  And why my blog is called these little moments.

How about the garage?  No, a bomb didn’t go off in there.  And yes, this is, unfortunately, what it always looks like.  Like we pull out chairs many evenings to spend time with friends and neighbors.  Like the kids are constantly taking out scooters, bikes, nerf guns, play house pop-up-tents, pogo sticks, and stomp rockets.  I’m showing this because I know that it will someday change.  And I’ll miss these days and all these toys.   Hopefully we’ll still be using the chairs:)


And the back yard.  That gets such beautiful light in the evenings that I always pause to marvel at the golden rays of sun filtering in through those trees.  I see a picnic table that is already too small for the kids that needs to be given away.  I see a ship’s wheel and binoculars that still manage to pique the imaginations of the neighborhood kids every now and then.   And two little Smurfs, who were fun to play with for about a week, then left outside to fade in the aforementioned rays of the sun.  And it really hurts to step on those little buggers, too.  And I see chalk, chalk that was brand new with pointy tips and all.  Until it was also left outside to face the elements, clearly melted away by the spring rains.  And probably dropped and stepped on along the way, too.


And a skateboard.  It’s also a sled, a wagon, and a push cart to imaginative young boys.  And now it’s long since packed away, because the kids in the neighborhood are playing with newer, cooler, smaller skateboards like these.


I would like to say that I’ll be back once a month to share more of these little observations, but that may be too optimistic.  Let’s just say that I’ll be back as soon as I can….:)



Nina Pugh - August 15, 2013 - 10:10 pm

Yep, that’s your backyard and your garage. love it.

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