this cat is weird. but awesome.

So Lovee is seriously the coolest cat ever.

We call her a “cat dog”.

We’ve been letter her go outside now for about two months.  She doesn’t go too far, always comes back.  Lots of times she just lays around the yard and torments the bugs and lizards.   But she also follows us around.  She followed us over to the neighbor’s pool last weekend, strolled around their yard like she owned it while we were there, then followed us home and into the house when we finished up.  Two days ago we had a bunch of people sitting in our driveway, just chatting while the kids played in the cul-de-sac.  The crazy cat just walked out into the middle of our chairs and laid down.  Until the kids started chasing her, that is:)  But she’s not afraid of people or loud noises, and one of our neighbors even told us that she comes to visit when they’re doing yardwork!

She still sleeps every night with Piper.  Climbs right up the ladder to Piper’s loft bed, proceeds to “make biscuits” for a bit, then crashes on a pillow.  She stays all night, and I often see her stroll out of there many mornings when I get up for work.

The craziest thing she does though is her obsessive accumulation of toys and trinkets in her food and water dishes.  It’s mostly pony tails.  She gets them from a basket in Piper’s room and carries them downstairs to play with them on the hardwood floors, but when she’s done, she takes them over to drop them into her food or water bowl.   I found a silver earring from my nightstand table in the bedroom in her food bowl once, too.  And of course, lots of Barbie shoes and polly pocket parts in there as well.

I checked her food bowl the other day and saw 4 pony tails in there (and another 2 in her water bowl).  I pulled them out and re-filled her food dish.  The cat walked up and I decided to snap a few pics…

First, she dragged over the squirrel tail.  (yes, it’s a real tail that was preserved/dried, and it’s one of her favorite toys!).  She dropped it right next to her food dish.  Then she ate a few bites, then proceeded to pick up the pony tails from the floor (that I had just taken out) and put them back into her bowl before eating again.  Weird cat.

But we love her:)









Nina Pugh - August 19, 2013 - 5:46 pm

Love the pics. She IS a weird cat, but cute and noisy!!

Mike - August 24, 2013 - 12:40 pm

Great pics. And YES!! She is a Lovee kitty! ;o)

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