Camp-out sleep over party invitation!

Piper really wanted to make her birthday party invitations this year because she loves to do arts and crafts projects.  Once we settled on a camp-out theme for her party, we pretty quickly came up with the idea to make little “tents” as the party invitation.  And then we realized we could roll up the actual invite itself and make it like a little tied-up sleeping bag in the tent!  I had visions of designing a foldable tent, so that we could put the cards in envelopes and mail them, but I quickly discarded that idea.  It will be much easier just to hand-deliver these babies;)

Once I worked out the design, we cut the pieces to the right size and then Piper assembled these mostly by herself!  Even though she’s only 8 (ok, soon to be 9!) she’s pretty good with a hot glue gun! lol.  She cut out the printed text parts and decorated them with stamps and markers, too.  She’s thrilled with how these came out, and to me that’s all that maters!

So here it is – our custom designed “tent with a sleeping bag” party invitation!



Kim - October 20, 2013 - 2:10 pm

You are so creative!

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