have I mentioned that she really loves tennis?

check out these big, happy grins on her face.  they stay there the ENTIRE lesson.

Coach Jeff will say “Piper, let’s pick up these balls and then we’re going to try working your backhand for a bit”.  To which she replies “Okie diddly!”.

She swings and misses and giggles.  She makes a great shot and does a little happy hop and giggles (and then misses the next ball because she’s hopping).

She is truly just happy to be out there.  Such a great attitude. One to which I am completely and totally incapable of relating, since I am more of the “berate myself when I screw up and don’t celebrate the victories because it’s expected” type person.  I just enjoy watching her enjoy herself at practice. :)

Oh, and it was silly sock day at school.  Therefore it was silly sock day at practice, too.







Nina Pugh - October 27, 2013 - 9:41 pm

The pics are really good, showing all the action and her cute laughs and grins. I’m so glad she can enjoy it without getting down on herself. She is soooo sweet. Love her!!

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