Piper’s Birthday party!

FINALLY the day of her party was here! Piper looked forward to this for months!

I ended up getting stuck at work and didn’t get home until 5pm – but thankfully Granny and Aunt Annie Lou were on the ball and had – literally – EVERYTHING ready to go.  Good thing, since the girls all showed up at 6pm!  Piper wanted a cookie cake, and she made the cake with Granny the day before her party.  She originally wanted the cake to look like a sleeping bag in honor of her “camp out” party theme – but I saw this idea on pinterest that was really cute!  Those are little swiss cake rolls on the top, with Nilla wafer faces decorated to look like little girls in sleeping bags:)     As the girls were arriving, they all hung out in the front yard playing around as all the other neighbors (including all the boys) were out there playing football and visiting with each other.

We eventually dragged them in for dinner – and Piper showed them all a cool idea she got from her Gramma to make “taco in a bag”.  Your crush up Doritos, add taco meat, lettuce, cheese, salsa, etc – and mix it all up and eat it right out of the bag!



Then it was time for GAMES!  I saw several “minute to win it” party game ideas online and the girls had SO.MUCH.FUN with these!  The first one was supposed to be using chopsticks to pick up mini marshmallows…but we couldn’t find the marshmallows the day of the party (we swear we bought them but they never did turn up!) so we improvised and used raw pasta noodles instead.  the girls were really funny with this, they had no idea how to use chopsticks so it was a real test for them!

The second game was, again, using pasta noodles…each girl got a fettucini noodle, and had to put 3 rigatoni noodles into her cup using only her mouth and the fettucini noodle.  the first one to get all 3 noodles in the cup wins!  They really liked this and we played it like 5 times.




Last game – and my favorite because of how incredibly funny they all looked – was the Nilla Wafer Challenge.  The object is to transfer a Nilla Wafer from your forehead to your mouth – using only your facial muscles!  The girls laughed and giggled the entire time, and I got some really funny pictures.  Kudos to MELANIE – the only one who ever managed to actually get the cookie in her mouth!


And then the girls ran around for a while outside playing with a bunch of glow sticks, flashing LED rings, and fiber optic hair clips.  It was nice and dark and they ran around out front.  One of the older neighbor boys “stole” some of the glow sticks, so there was lots of exciting drama while the girls plotted how to recover the glow sticks from the boys.

We had a movie all ready for them to watch, but they were having way too much fun running around and playing to sit still to watch a movie.  So instead, the took a sleepover party game into the tent and played for a while.  It’s a game with a bunch of questions the girls asked each other, things like “If you could cast a magic spell on someone, who would it be and what spell would you cast?”.  They laughed and giggled out there for quite a while!  Piper wanted to open her presents at midnight in the tent, but we “compromised” (mom totally won) and did it inside at 9pm instead:)  She got so many really neat gifts (thanks so much girls!!)  The popular gift this year was a rubber band bracelet maker (she got 3 of them)…Last year it was Barbie’s Princess and the Pop Star movie and she got 3 copies of that, lol!  Around 10:15 pm they were starting to look a little tired since they had all been up for school since 6AM.  So we finally got them to settle down and watch the movie for a bit (we had the old TV out on the deck and they sat outside watching it).  Around 11:30 they all came out to bed and went to sleep.   I was in a little tent right next to them, with Lawson and his friend Marshall already asleep (both boys had games the next morning and needed to get to bed on time!).



So they all slept peacefully all night!  UNTIL….


the sprinklers went off at 5:45 AM!  no kidding.


So we all scrambled into the house, grabbing our stuff as quickly as we could before it all got soaked.  I got the girls covered up with dry blankets and got them on the floor in the living room, and they thankfully managed to fall asleep again until around 7:30 or so.

When it was all over with and everyone had gone home later in the day on Saturday, I said “Piper, what was your favorite part of the party?”.

Know what she said?

“when the sprinklers went off!!”




Nina Pugh - October 12, 2013 - 5:55 pm

It was a great party. The pics show what a good time everyone had.

Bonnie Lehlbach - October 12, 2013 - 6:23 pm

Wow! What a fun party! Larry loved the expressions on their faces, trying to get cookies into their mouths! And, double wow, the sprinkler at 5:30! LOL

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