Girl Scout Camp – Fall 2013

n October, Piper and I got to go camping with her Brownie troop!

It was “roughing it” camping at a place in Spicewood called Krause Springs, and there was no electricity or hot water at the campground.  And we had to sleep in tents and sleeping bags!  But the campground itself was really pretty – a gorgeous natural spring and lots of nature related things to see.

We had 10 girls there and 5 moms, which I’ve decide is a great ratio to have. With fewer grownups it would have been hard to run the camp and keep up with all the girls.  I was happy to help around camp and leave the “scouting” stuff to Ms. Letty the troop leader and the other moms;)  Samantha’s mom Christine and I put up all the tents (we had 4 of them) and put the girls to work collecting rocks to make a fire pit.  It took us about an hour, but we got the camp looking pretty darn good!  Considering that us moms usually leave the tents to the guys, I was pretty darn proud of us!

The girls spent the day doing lots of different activities, including nature walks, fishing, letter boxing, and a few other activities.  During the fishing time, Piper got mad at me because I wouldn’t let her use a big pink plastic worm, making her take a live one instead.  About 5 minutes after putting her line in the water a fish took her bait and she begged me to take her back up for another real worm!  lol.  Unfortunately she didn’t catch anything, but another girl in the troop caught two fish!  (Thanks dad for all that fishing experience, as I was the one to take the fish off the hook and release them back to the water!)

There was a nice garden on the property, with lots of native Texas plants and pretty fountains that we enjoyed walking through.

And we even got to walk through the woods a bit, checking out animal tracks left in the mud.  Then the girls had fun making their own “tracks” in the dirt road (what else would a pack of 8-9 year old girls leave behind but hearts?!)

The temperature dropped pretty quickly once the sun went down, and we all had a great time sitting by the campfire telling stories and riddles and singing songs.  The girls all collected sticks earlier in the day (that they used for roasting hot dogs!) and we put them to use again with marshmallows.  Camp “lights out” was at 10pm, and I think we were all more than ready to get some sleep by then.  It was really cold all night, in the low 40s, but everyone made it through the night just fine.

Thankfully we only had one night there, because without hot water and all of us desperate for a hot shower, it was about all we could take:)  We packed up Sunday morning right after breakfast and made our way home.  Now we’re looking forward to the Spring camping trip!















Nina Pugh - November 4, 2013 - 9:57 am

Looks like lots of fun. Great fishing, Piper. The pics are great.

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