Our little artist…

won an award!

We’re so proud of her (and relieved!).

She has ALWAYS loved art.  Like, forever.  She painted about 25 canvases in the past 18 months or so, and just loves to draw and color and do anything crafty.    In the past, we’ve mentioned that Lawson found success by having his work featured at the public library, and he also won a “Rising Star Artist” artist award last year without even entering the contest.   So this year when Piper entered the “Reflections” art contest again at her school, Mike and I were immediately nervous for her.  Because she knows he’s won twice without really even trying, and let’s face it – that gets pretty annoying to the good kid who tries hard.

Her picture is amazing.  She was watching Scooby Doo one night after she received a bunch of artist supplies for her birthday.  She paused the show and drew the scene -  a portrait of Velma Dunkley.  When she showed me I could hardly believe it!  I honestly couldn’t draw it that well, and if you watch the “new” Scooby Doo, you can see that she really did a great job nailing Velma’s face.  I also love the perspective she chose, a shot with Velma looking back over her shoulder and not just straight on.

So we were all beyond thrilled when her drawing was selected to advance to the county level competition.  We certainly hope she wins, but even if she doesn’t, she’ll always have the medal and she already feels like a winner.  We’re so proud of her;)

(oh, and that last picture is Piper with one of her Art teachers at school – Ms. Arnold!)


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