Holiday Photos

My absolute FAVORITE thing to do while we are in Mississippi is take the kids’ holiday photos.  As the sun sets behind the woods the light is gorgeous and warm and I love taking the kids out for a little photo walk.  With these two, you never know what you’re going to get.  I had coordinating yellow and gray outfits picked out, and Piper (usually the “easy” kid), had a complete meltdown and refused to wear the shirt we picked out.  So she’s wearing a decidedly not yellow or gray shirt – hence the multitude of black and white conversions this year because all that pink just irritates me to no end.  That pink just taunts me in the color versions of these pictures, lol.

Usually once we get them out there they have a great time, and this was no exception.  They’re photographer’s kids – so they know the drill.  I take the photos they request doing ridiculous, silly things – and in return they give me the posed photos I ask for.  Not a bad trade.

Oh, and just for the record – a few of these photos were actually printed onto our Christmas cards this year…which ultimately sat on our kitchen counter for a few weeks until we managed to pass about 10 of them out by hand. The rest are still in a box, and it’s now March.  *sigh*.


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