Thanksgiving Day

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.
– George Moore


There were over 40 people at the house this year for Thanksgiving!   Mom makes up a big turkey and ham, and then everyone brings all their favorite side dishes.  Talk about good food…mmmm, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!  It’s also the one time every year the family all tries to get together.  It’s fitting that my parents’ house sits on the exact same spot where my Granny’s house was before, the house where all 7 of the Lee kids grew up.  I like to think that my Granny is looking down on these events and smiling.  Or making sarcastic remarks. Either is fine:)

This is just some of the food – it’s spread over all the counters.  Casseroles, dressings, veggies, stuffings…mmmm.  And of course there’s always good natured ribbing as you make your way through the food line – like “hey, don’t take all that, save some for me!”.  And then there’s the dessert bar…pies and cakes and cookies.  YUM.  Is it November again yet?

These guys here are 4 of the 5 remaining original Lee kids.  From L to R:  my Aunt Annie Lou, my Uncle Tommy, my mom, and my Uncle Dempsey Earl.  Not pictured is Uncle Ray.  My Aunt Myra and my Uncle Roy both passed away many years ago.  I love this picture below – all of them laughing.

This is my Aunt Myra’s family.  Her daughter Sherrie (shown with her family, top left photo), and her son Barry (shown with one of his daughters and his granddaughter, top right).

This is my Aunt Annie Lou and Uncle Charles’ family.  Their sons Mike (in the Ole Miss sweatshirt) and Ricky (in the brown long sleeve button up) and their families.

And this is my Uncle Tommy’s family.  He’s the baby of the bunch:)  His wife Pat, daughters Tracy (jean jacket) and Susan (plaid shirt).

We used to live in Pennsylvania when I was a kid, and we’d go to Mississippi once a year and stay for a few weeks.  Every year I’d have to ask my mom – “now, who is that?  and how am I related to them again?” because we had such a big family.  I used to love to visit my Aunt Myra.  She always loved crafts and was happy to teach me something new – sewing, cross stitch, or anything else she could get her hands on.  Tracy and Susan were the only cousins I had around my age and I loved it when they came up to visit while we were there.  I remember playing games, running in and out of Granny’s house and getting threatened with a switch on the backside for letting the screen door slam all the time.  Uncle Dempsey Earl had horses, and I still remember the first time I ever got to ride a horse in his pasture, when I was probably no more than 3 or 4.

Things are so different now.  Many of us are connected on facebook, some of us aren’t.  But we get together every Thanksgiving and reconnect and spend a few hours enjoying each others’ company, telling stories, and watching the new generations of young ‘uns run around the same yard we all used to roam as kids.




Nina - April 3, 2014 - 5:54 pm

Love all the articles and pics. Nothing like family!! I remember our get togethers with Mama & Daddy’s families when I was just a little girl!! Great memories for all of us. Thanks for preserving it for us.

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