and then the craziest thing happened.

my dad’s side of the family got together.

My dad has one sister, my Aunt Donna.  I have two cousins on that side, Skip and Kristi.

The last time we were all together was 10 years ago exactly, when I was barely pregnant with Piper at my grandmother’s memorial service.   Back then my parents lived in Florida, Mike and I had been in Texas for a few years, my Aunt and Uncle lived in Connecticut, and my cousin Kristi was living in New York City.  Then, about 7 years ago my Aunt and Uncle retired to Palm Coast, Florida.  My parents leave Florida and move to Mississippi.  Three years ago my (now married with kids) cousin Kristi moved to Flagler Beach.  And then this spring Mike and I moved to Jacksonville.

So, for the first time EVER…I live within an hour’s drive of family.

and it is AWESOME.

We drove over to Flagler to Kristi and Steve’s house for a family dinner.  They have 3 beautiful girls (Katie, Willa, and Matti) and they live in this awesome, just completely gutted and renovated house just a few blocks from the beach.  It felt totally surreal having dinner a their house.  Kristi and I were laughing that the last time we really spent any quality time together was back when we used to visit our grandparents in Pittsburgh and we’d listen to music on my boom box in the basement.  Chicago 17, Donna Summer, and the Cats soundtrack, which suggests it was around 1984!

It’s really amazing how we all weave around and through each other’s lives over the years, and I’m incredibly thankful that all these circumstances have aligned to bring us together right now.

Just a few snapshots.  I decided I’d rather relax and chat and enjoy the amazing food and company than worry about pictures.




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