and then we moved.

well, it wasn’t really that simple.

there were tears.  And TONS of going-through-and-throwing-away things to do.  And patching holes, and bathroom remodel work, and SO much stuff that needed to get done.  We never would have been ready without Mike’s parents, who came out for several weeks to help get things ready to roll.  I was already in my new job and I had to travel, so I wasn’t there to help as much.

We squeezed in as many games of Rummy Tiles as we could with Brian and Carrie, we let the boys get in as many evenings of Minecraft as they could.  We said goodbye (over and over), cried some more, and then finally the day was here.  The packers showed up and started boxing things up.  We spent our last night at Brian and Carrie’s house, then we took off for the airport at 5 in the morning.  Mike dropped us off; he stayed to be at the house while the movers were loading everything up.  Meanwhile, I arrived in Florida and we were at our new house for the first time by noon on Feb 5th, 2014.

We didn’t do much, just walked around and checked out our new house.  The kids had rainbow looms and I started making lists of the things we needed to pick up from the store – like batteries to stop the smoke detectors from chirping.   But it was a much needed bit of excitement, and a huge change from all the goodbye crying we’d been doing for the prior two weeks.

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