Birthday Farewell Party

And while all of THAT was going on, Lawson’s 7th birthday was rapidly approaching!

We planned a party for him at Gatti Land, then I realized that it would probably be best to let Piper invite her friends, too.  That way both kids could have one last fun party with their friends before we moved away.  It was really awesome having them all together like that,  all the kids we’ve come to love – most of whom we’ve known their entire lives.  It was awesome that everyone came out to celebrate with the kids and say good bye.


Lawson had a Minecraft themed party and they all had pizza and cupcakes when we first arrived.  then the party hosts took them into the hallway and they played red light – green light for about 90 seconds before I decided that was lame and we just released them out to use their game cards in the arcade:)


This is my favorite photo from the night, this is Lawson’s “I’m embarassed/shy but I love it” face when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him!


I got Piper and Lawson each a photo mat and frame, and on the mat I wrote “you’ll always remember your first best friends”.  I made sure to get a picture of each kid with all their friends, and then each kid got to sign the picture frames!  The’ll have a framed photo plus autographs from all their friends.

Me and the birthday boy…love that kid.

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