First Orange and Blue game!

well, not for Mike and me…but for the kids!

Mike and our friend Eric left Jacksonville that  morning and make sure to hit Gainesville in time to catch the game.  Julie took her daughter Lauren to a dance recital in the morning then we all packed up and drove over to Gainesville together to enjoy the atmosphere of game day.  Even though we missed the actual game, we got there right when the players were still on the field.  It was actually perfect, as the kids would have been bored by the game anyway:) The stadium was starting to empy out so we got to take lots of pictures, too!

After our trip to The Swamp, we headed out to find a book store to pick up some more Gator attire (you can never have too much, you know).  It was getting very warm so Julie took the kids for frozen yogurt while I took the walk back to get the car by the stadium.  It was so nice to be walking around campus again, it brings back so many memories!

oh, and I drove down University Avenue.  In a minivan.  MY minivan.  *sigh*.  I certainly never expected that day to come!  The last time I drove around Gainesville was in my 1997 red Ford Mustang!  How times change!

I saw so many families there, somethign I never really noticed before as a student.  Julie commented on the same thing, saying that when you’re a student you’re in your own bubble, and you don’t notice the people with kids because none of that is a part of your world.  So true!  It was still a really great moment to get to introduce the kids to what it means to be Gators.  To finally say THIS is where the Gators live and go to school and play football and tennis and everything else they do!  Can’t wait to experience more awesome Gator memories with these kiddos.


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