By the time mom and Aunt Annie Lou showed up, I was kind of worn out.  Ready to just take it easy.  But these two don’t know the meaning of sitting still, so that wasn’t really an option!  They did every project we had in mind within the first three days they were here.  Then they just made up their own projects and kept busy that way the rest of the week!  One thing we all wanted to do was to get some gardening done around the house.  The landscaping was already nice, but kind of boring – no flowers or anything colorful.  So we planted Vinca all along the front of the flower bed, a beautiful clematis and 5 bouganvillea in the back yard, and some plumbago, hibiscus, and hydrangeas in the front of the house.  I was especially excited to get the hydrangeas.  They’ve always been my favorite flowers and yet everytime I tried to grow one in Texas I just hastened it along the path to it’s demise.  (I’m pleased to report that even now, 2 months after we planted those hydrangeas, they are still happy and thriving!  new flowers are blooming as I type this!)  We also planted citrus trees in the back yard, and I’m particularly eager to see how well they do this summer.

Lawson loved to dig, and thankfully this sandy Florida soil is nothing like the rocky stuff from back in Texas and he was able to do a pretty decent job of it.  Piper was happy to just walk around and observe, calling herself the “plant manager”.  At one point she walked up to us in the back yard and said “do you need any management?”.  She’s ready for her carreer in the corporate world already!

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