Starting back to school

We got the kids registered at their new school before the moving van even arrived, and the best part was that they took us all on a tour of the school and even let the kids visit their “new” classrooms.

This was awesome because the kids were super excited to get started.  Ok, well truth be told, not Lawson, because he was perfectly content sitting home playing Minecraft on the laptop.  When the secretary walked us into Piper’s classroom and said “excuse me Mrs. Vara, but you have a new student starting next week” – I think the entire class about jumped out of their chairs.  They were all very excited and all of the girls were literally squealing (apparently the boys outnumbered the girls 12-6 before Piper arrived).  We later found out that they had to have a “class meeting” to decide where Piper’s desk should be, in the fairest way possible.

Lawson’s class was excited as well, but a bit more subdued.  I casually joked with the teacher, asking her if any of the kids played minecraft and she said “Do any of you play mind craft in here?” (Clearly her kids are past the target age).  And just about every hand in the classroom shot up.  So while Lawson wasn’t exactly ready to roll on in there the next day, he wasn’t exactly dreading the opportunity to surround himself with a group of like-minded minecraft lovers.

We planned to give the kids most of the week at home, to get settled in, unpack clothes and hairbrushes, find backpacks and shoes.  But Piper was ready to head back.  So she started a day early, on Feb 11th.  Lawson requested to stick to the original plan of 2/12 – which ironically was his birthday.

Here she is – our baby on her second first day of third grade.  ;)


The kids bikes weren’t here yet so we walked that day.  When we met her at school, she was so excited about the day and her new school planner and her recorder from music class that we had to stop and look at homework and practice recorder on the way!


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