then we got kittens.

Since Lovee ran away and we ended up moving, I had been telling the kids that once we got settled into our new house we could get another cat.  Then they negotiated for two kittens.  As you may recall from this post regarding the acquisition of pets, we are a democratic household and, once again, Mike lost 3-1.  So meet Creeper and Pinkie Pie.

Yep, those are their names.  For a few days Piper was leaning towards Taylor Swift Lehlbach for her cat, but she did eventually settle on Pinkie Pie.

I can’t wait until the kids are teenagers and their friends start coming over…I can just see it now. “Pinkie Pie  you get off the table this instant!”.  Because what 15 year old girl doesn’t want to be reminded of her love for My Little Pony in front of her judgemental teenage girlfriends?

Anyhow, meet Creeper and Pinkie Pie.  They are brother and sister, hand picked from the litter by Lawson and Piper, respectively.  They have been held and played with since they were born, and the are the sweetest, friendliest, snugliest kitties ever.  Pinkie Pie is large and in charge in this house, she is never still, constantly exploring and checking things out.  Creeper is a bit more reserved; he’d rather snuggle while his sister is off exploring the house.

We kept them in the kids area of the house for a few weeks until they got used to everything, then finally let them have free roam of the whole thing.  The cats sleep with the kids every night, which is awesome because the kids can sleep through all the noise that two curious playful kittens can make at night.

I was tempted to post a picture of just one of the cats since they look pretty much the same, but decided I’d go ahead and share lots of cuteness.  This is Creeper…his hair is fuzzy and he has black on his front paws:


And this is Pinkie Pie.  She looks the same.  But she’s not fuzzy and her front paws are white.


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