So I’m part of this awesome blog circle and every month we will be creating a photo post to embody the word or phrase of that month.

This month the word is spunky.

Spunky (adj):  Courageous and determined.

and that, my friends, is THIS guy.

I do apologize in advance, he’s rather camera shy.

This is the “look mom, I’m Winnie-the-Pooh” with a frisbee thing around his head combined with what is supposed to be a look of contemplation and quiet reflection on his face.

He moves non stop unless he’s sleeping or playing minecraft.

Dirty shirt?  no problem.  Shirtless matches the black socks (see below).

We had to do this one several times, because he had numerous types of jumps he wanted to do for me and my camera.   This is the superhero jump, in case you were wondering.

This kid is exhausting and amazing and frustrating and energetic and funny and brave.  He’s also (still) my sweet little mama’s boy, even at age 7.  He loves kisses and snuggles and being with family even though we all want to strangle him half the time.  The other half of the time he has us laughing.

He’s also the kid I don’t worry about.  The one that I know, no matter where life takes him, he’s going to be brave and bold and ask for what he wants.  He will assert himself and be heard.  You don’t get what you don’t ask for, and this kid always asks.  Demands, even.  So even though he’s a total handful and really wears us out most days, I am so very relieved that he has this inner strength and confidence that you just can’t teach.  Embarassed?  HA.  This kid doesn’t know that word.  Shy?  Nope.  Loves attention of all sorts.

I hope so desperately that he stays this way.  That he never loses this courage and confidence and crazy funny personality that makes him so special.  And I wish that somehow his sister, and all the other young girls out there, could feel this way – even if only for one day.  To have one day to not care what anyone thinks, to not be self conscious, to not worry about being noticed.

So yeah, this kid is spunky.  And I love him for it.

Now, please continue on the blog circle and check out  Jules’  post this month!

Jules - June 5, 2014 - 11:03 am

So great! He’s a spitfire. What a perfect kid for Spunky and what an awesome son to have.

Nina Pugh - June 6, 2014 - 8:02 pm

That soooo describes our little guy. He is indeed spunky. The photos are so great and capture his spirit so well. Love it.

Kim - June 7, 2014 - 4:04 pm

I love you, Lawson! What awesome words, Beckie! And I agree… So wish our girls would feel the same way and not worry about what others thought. It has to be so freeing to feel that way! Xoxo

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