First train to Jacksonville

Our new Jacksonville warehouse opened up at my new company!  It has been a very exciting (busy, stressful, sleepless, hectic) three weeks!  Transportation is rarely (ok, never) sexy, but it’s hard not to geek out over trains.  I took my camera to work with me to capture all the excitement of the first train arriving at our brand new warehouse, bringing fresh produce from Delano, California straight to Jacksonville! In the months since I’ve been with my new company, one of the cool things I see is all the graffiti on the rail cars.  Technically it’s vandalism…but these guys (girls?!) are clearly artists and it’s neat to see all the different designs.  The railroads don’t bother repainting the rail cars, either – they just repaint the markings and car numbers from time to time as necessary.

Anyhow, photos of our first train!  (and our warehouse, which was literally having the finishing touches put on the rail doors in the final minutes leading up to the unload of the cars!)


Nina Pugh - July 3, 2014 - 1:38 pm

The art is neat. We see it on the trains a lot. Looks exciting. Love the pics. Good shots.

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