Airplanes with Grandpa

Model airplanes were a big part of my life as a kid.  The sights in my dad’s basement workshop were the same as those in my granddad’s: model airplanes in various stages of construction spread out across the counters with balsa wood, xacto knives, push pins, and zap glue.  I used to love getting the leftover bits to play with, and managed to glue things to my fingers – or even to glue my fingers together – on many occasions.  I wish I could say I loved flying airplanes – but it frankly just wasn’t a kid activity because they were expensive and took forever to build.  No one was eager to risk a kid crashing one!  And let’s be honest – I was much happier reading a book anyway.  We used to go to model airplane conventions where my dad sold parts and supplies, and I remember having my own name tag and working as a salesperson when I was probably no more than 6 years old.  That I loved!  And then there was the time my brother chopped off part of his thumb on a propeller.  That was pretty cool (in hindsight, at least).

So nothing warms my heart more than seeing my dad and my son out doing airplanes together.  Lawson’s patience and his attention span are just a tiny bit higher than non-existent, so it’s pretty funny to watch Grandpa attempt to teach the proper handling, care, technique, etc to his rather unwilling student.   But once the airplanes are in the air and it’s time to run through the fields to chase them down (which technically violates airplane rule #4 – never run up to an airplane lest you fall and break it), Lawson is all over it

.  Some of my favorite pictures of these two flying airplanes this summer:


That last one is my favorite:)

Nina Pugh - November 9, 2014 - 7:32 pm

Love the pics. You do such a good job capturing the perfect moment. And recalling the memories of your youth.

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