September 10th, 4:23 to 4:33 pm

What was special about September 10th?  nothing.  and everything.

Several days prior to the 10th I realized that I hadn’t had my camera out recently, and I had been mulling over what that meant.  We weren’t doing anything special – we were all getting back into the routine of the kids being in school and surviving the weeks to get to the weekends.  In our old house in Texas I never took many pictures indoors because the house was so dark, and as we house shopped last year the number one requirement on my list was lots of natural light.  Well, I had it. A house with lots of indoor lighting.  Why no pictures?  My blog name was very intentional – these little moments.  When I started out learning my camera I developed a passion for capturing all of our everyday moments.  Where had that passion gone?

The kids were playing with the cats and I could hear them giggling and laughing together. I was standing at the stove fixing dinner and I had just put the spaghetti in the boiling water.  I had 7 minutes to kill.  I perched in a spot by the front door and sat there, at first snapping pictures of the kids playing.  Then they started hamming it up for my camera, being silly and clearly happy to be in front of my camera again (guess they needed a break, too?).  I love these.  Without these pictures I may never have remembered Lawson’s batman tightie whitie phase, or Piper’s brief rekindling of her love for her heely shoes that she just HAD TO HAVE more than a year ago (notice how they still look new?).

Some of these are blurry, they’re not perfect and not overly creative.  But i love them, and it was well worth the overcooked spaghetti.


The End.

Nina Pugh - November 9, 2014 - 7:44 pm

Perfect moments to capture. Darn the spaghetti!!

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