First camping trip!

One very exciting thing we did this fall was to purchase a little pop up camper.  It’s nothing fancy and it’s used, but it sure beats lugging a tent around and sleeping on the ground!  We are fortunate to have so many great parks and campgrounds and interesting things to do and see within a short driving distance away from Jacksonville!  On this particular weekend in October Lawson had a Cub Scout camp out event and it was the perfect opportunity to take the pop up out for the first time!  Also exciting was the fact that both kids lost teeth.  Lawson lost his just days before our trip, Piper lost hers during dinner (see her holding the tooth in the photo below?! )  It was a really great family weekend and a great start to the many camping adventures we hope to have.  oh, and there was goofiness going on.  just sayin’.

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